Hosting the Inclusive Utopia Podcast fulfills Dr. Fawzy’s life-long commitment to sharing knowledge supporting inclusive work environments through a process of changing stigmatized beliefs. Camelia draws upon her experience as an immigrant woman in a leadership position, entrepreneur and consultant, as well as a researcher and professor teaching graduate level Management, Leadership, Org. Behavior & Development. She focuses on challenges related to managing negative biases, creating psychologically safe environments and more inclusive cultures.


Camelia guides business executives and leadership teams in transforming their organizational cultures to nurture cohesive and productive teams by understanding and addressing challenges related to cultural diversity, employee engagement and their authentic inclusion.  

Her consulting work focusses on: 

  • Inclusive Leadership skill development and management training in building inclusive and productive teams 
  • Guiding & Coaching leaders in designing and implementing change needed to create psychologically safe work environments 
  • Facilitating the adoption of HR/Diversity & Inclusion applications supporting high level engagement and performance 
  • • Contributing to consultant teams focusing on creating inclusive and culturally diverse work environments.

Speaker Topics 

Inclusive Leadership

  • Inclusive Leadership – what it takes to lead a highly diverse workforce effectively
  • Cultural and Emotional Intelligence – as the key components in enhancing capacity to practice Inclusive Leadership 

The Impact of Stereotype Threat on Human Capital

  • Understanding how we can see stereotype threat in practice. 
  • Creating a psychologically safe environment – the key to developing organizational capacity to address biases & stereotype threat 

Hiring & Including Employees with Developmental DisAbilities 

  • Challenging the assumptions we make about people with developmental disAbilities 
  • Extreme differences, extreme perspectives- how employees with developmental disAbilities can contribute to your organization’s innovation and resilience. 

“I am most grateful for Camelia’s guidance through culture change and rapid growth. My executive team and I are looking forward to continuing our collaboration”.

— Iulian Tache
Partner/Executive Director
H2O International

“Camelia is not only a theoretical and academic thinker and practitioner but she applies her academic knowledge and links it to management principles and actions…. I can tell you honestly that there is no one that I have worked with for the last 10 years that is more worthy and competent of bridging the academic and management world”.

— Dr. Jean DellAmore
Steril KONI

“Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated, not annihilated, or absorbed.”    

— Mary Parker Follett

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